• Head Lice Policy

    Head Lice

              Lice are tiny insects about the size of a sesame seed at full growth that live on the human scalp. They do not fly or jump, they just crawl. Adult lice deposit eggs or nits with a little “glue” on the hair shaft close to the scalp that hatch in about a week and start feeding on the scalp causing itchiness. The newborn lice mature to adulthood in about 10 days and then start laying their own eggs. If left untreated, head lice can become a major problem and take months to eradicate from the scalp and home.

              Our school has a no nit policy, meaning that if your child is found to have nits or live lice in their hair, they will be sent home and a treatment plan will be provided. The quicker a plan to get rid of nits and lice is implemented, the sooner your child may return to school. Children found to have nits or live lice in their hair at school may not return to school until all nits and live lice have been removed from the hair. The treatment plan can take up to 3 weeks, but once the initial thorough picking of the hair has taken place, the child may return to school. So, to clarify, if the child’s scalp is treated the evening of the day they are sent home, then all the nits are picked out the next day, the child can then return to school the following day, so they would only be missing one full day of school. Students sent home for head lice will be granted one day excused absence. Any days after that will be unexcused.

              When the student returns to school after being treated for the lice, they must come to the nurse’s office for another head check to ensure that all nits have been removed. If nits are still present the student will be sent home again. For recurrent head lice cases, with parents’ permission, the nurse’s office can help with treatment by using a special lice zapping comb.

    Thank you!

    Melanie Donahue RN, BSN                                                                                               QVSD Health Services Coordinator