• Home School Plus+ Q & A

    1) What is Home School Plus+ (HSP+)?

    Home School Plus+ (HSP+) is the Parent Partner Program for the Quillayute Valley School District.

    2) How does HSP+ fit the Alternative Learning WAC (Washington Administrative Code)?

    WAC 392-121-182 is Washington State Alternative Learning Law. This law states that each student in an Alternative Learning program needs a Student Learning Plan and must meet with a certified teacher on a weekly basis.HSP+ fulfills these two requirements.

    3) If I were to enroll my child in HSP+, do I still need to fill out a Declaration of Intent of Home School Form?

    1) No- If your child is enrolled full time in HSP+ you do not need to fill out a Declaration of Intent of Home School Form.

    2) Yes-If you choose several classes at HSP+ for your child and you are taking the responsibly for the remainder of your child's education, then yes you need to fill out a Declaration of Intent of Home School Form.

    4) What is required of a HSP+ student?

    A contract student is required to meet with the teacher on a weekly basis to turn in work, at this time the student can also be tutored and/or take tests. A student who is signed up to take classes, is required to come to assigned classes.

    5) Can parents request classes that they would like for their child?

    Yes, parents are encouraged to request the type of classes that would benefit the education of their children.

    6) May I still use my own curriculum?

    Yes, if the material covers what the state requires for that subject and grade level.

    7) How much does it cost to be enrolled in HSP+?

    There is no charge for services offered by HSP+ to home school parents. The HSP+ receives funding from the state for the students enrolled, thus the service is free to parents because public education is funded by tax dollars.

    8) What grade levels does HSP+ serve?

    HSP+ serves grades K-12th.

    9) What types of programs does HSP+ offer?

    HSP+ offers two types of programs.

    1) Full Time Student-Students are given an assignment sheet for all their classes and do their work at home and meet with the teacher on a weekly basis.

    2) On-Site Classes-Classes taught by an instructor at the HSP+ location on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.