• Family Support Advocates



    The Family Support Advocate (FSA) works with the school, student and family, and community to remove barriers which are preventing the student from being successful in school.  There are three FSAs in Quillayute Valley School District; Jessica Reaume, RTLprogram coordinator/Family Support Advocate, works with all schools’ students and families, Berlinda James works with elementary and high schools’ students and families, and Sandra Velasquez works with non-English speaking Hispanic families.


    Jessica Reaume – RTL Coordinator/FSA

    360-374-6262 ext. 256


    Sandra Velasquez - FSA

    360-374-6262 ext. 472


    Berlinda James - FSA

    360-640-6262 ext. 213


    Primary Duties:  Focus on the elimination of barriers to learning and successful adjustment to the school setting by coordinating social and/or educational services provided to at-risk, school-age children and their families within the boundaries of the Quillayute Valley School District.

    Those duties include:

    1.  Upon request assist families/children in obtaining appropriate health, educational, social or legal services in order to meet their needs.

    2.  Share with parents all school and social services available to them.

    3.  Network with other agencies in providing services to students to insure a coordinated service-delivery system.

    4.  Advocate for children in need of coordinated services.

    5.  Participate in case management and/or child study meetings that have the delivery of services as their primary purpose.