Elementary School Counselor Mabel Thackeray

  • Mabel Thackeray. MS, LMHC, NCC., NCSC, DMHP.

    QVSD  counselor and Elementary school counselor. 

     Forks Elementary is pleased to continue offering school counseling as a related service in school, as a short-term counseling program with a solution-focused model.

    The goal of these interventions is to help students to be successful and increase academic achievement by removing social and emotional barriers.

    Counseling services can be provided in small groups and 1:1 individual counseling or as part of the IEP/504-related services for social or emotional needs.

    Mabel Thackeray has a Master's degree of science in clinical psychology and a specialization in mental health counseling and positive psychology. 

    Mabel is a  psychologist and a licensed mental health counselor. Mabel holds a national certificate in trauma, is nationally certified in TFCBT, and is a certified school counselor. A clinical state supervisor with over 20 years of experience working with diverse communities, children and families,  schools, and hospitals in South Florida and WA State, providing a multicultural and systemic model approach. The main focus in counseling comes from a developmental, clinical, and educational perspective when working with families and students, emphasizing equality and social justice for all.    

     Mabel is bilingual (Spanish) and specializes in diversity and trauma/crisis support. 


    Second Step Covid-19 Family Support:



  • You can contact Mabel Thackeray at 360-374-6262 ext 445

    Hours: 8:00-4:00 pm Monday- Friday.

    Office hours are from  9-12 am via google meets or 1:1 in the office applying social distancing and CDC requirements.