• Dear Forks’ Community Members, August 30, 2022

    On behalf of the Quillayute Valley School District Board of Directors, I would like to welcome you to the 2022-23 school year. As a staff, we are excited for the new school year and look forward to partnering with you! We have so many exciting things happening in our district. First and foremost, we thank you, parents and guardians, for trusting us to serve your student(s), as we know that you have options for alternative school settings, as a result of COVID. We are prepared to have a more “normal” type of school year, as we head further down the road from COVID. Our main goals this year will be to focus on building a climate which provides a safe and inclusive environment for every student, as well as tofocus on increasing the academic performance and career and/or college readiness of every student.

    Student and staff attendance are a priority for the year, as well as your student’s social and emotional well-being. Research shows that students who attend at least 90% of the time, are more successful at mastering the content of their grade level learning standards and are more likely to graduate within four years of high school. Having said that, we do ask that you monitor your student’s health, and if they have symptoms of COVID, keep them home. Students who show symptoms of COVID may return to school with a negative COVID test, which will be conducted by the school nurse, Melanie Donahue, with your permission. According to the new Department of Health guidelines, if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID, they must stay home for five days. On the fifth day, if they test negative, they may return back to school; if positive, they will need to continue to stay home until 10 days or receive a negative test.

    We are building a new Spartan Stadium! Our Spartan Football team and Girls’ Soccer team will have home games this season, even as we build the new stands. We have arranged for temporary bleachers on the east side of the field by Forks Elementary School. You will need to enter the stadium on the east side, as the stadium will be constructed during September and October. Our goal is to take occupancy by the last home Spartan Football game, honoring our seniors (the last Friday in October).

    One SPARTAN! We look forward to this exciting year!


    Diana Reaume, Superintendent

    Superintendent Diana Reaume