• Student Support Services can be reached by calling 360.374.6262 and using an extension below. 
    Below you will find contact information for the staff who provide services to students and families in the Quillayute Valley School District. Our goal is to connect students and families to the resources that will help every student to be successfull. If we can help, please let us know.

    Jolene Price - Prevention Specialist  jolene.price@qvschools.org  Ext. 214
     I can help with providing information on:
          -Youth substance use prevention efforts within the community/county/state
          -Middle school Life Skill program
          -Youth prevention club
          -Guiding Good Choices parenting classes
          -Police Cadet Program
          -Community Coalition

    Berlinda James - Family Services Advocate  berlinda.james@qvschools.org  Ext. 213
     I can help with:
           -Providing meals for students on the weekends

    Sandra Velasquez - Bilingual Family Service Advocate  sandra.velasquez@qvschools.org  Ext. 472  Website Link 
       I can help with:
           -Advocating for families, and students 
           -Enrollment in the Migrant Education Program (MEP) and access to services -  https://www.msdr.org/ 
                  -Facilitate Parent Advisory Committee Meetings
                  -Provide IR&L services
           -Information, Referral and linkage to community services involving health, education, social and/or legal concerns

    Melanie Donahue - School Nurse  melanie.donahue@qvschools.org  Ext. 450

    Jessica Reaume - Readiness to Learn Coordinator  jessica.reaume@qvschools.org  Ext. 256
       I can help with:
           -Family/Student support advocacy
                  -Students in need of coats, shoes, and etc as needed 
                  -Supporting families with making medical appointments 
                  -Sports physical funding for students in need
                  -School supplies
                  -Social emotional and academic support
                  -Connecting families to outside agencies
           -Family and Community Liaison
                  -Readiness to Learn Consortium
           -Community Engagement Board facilitation
           -McKinney-Vento Homeless Liaison
           -Foster Care Liaison 

    Micaela Villicana - Native American Support Specialist  micaela.villicana@qvschools.org  Ext. 242
       I can help any Title VI eligible student in the district with:
           -Clothing and shoe vouchers 
           -Academic support
           -Social emotional groups 
           -Parent/school staff contact 
           -Connecting families with outside agencies

    Mabel Thackeray - K-4 School Counselor  mabel.thackeray@qvschools.org  Ext. 445 Website Link
    Tara Huggins - 5-8 School Counselor  tara.huggins@qvschools.org  Ext. 499 Website Link
    Angela Cavill - 9-12 School Counselor  angela.cavill@qvschools.org  Ext. 263  Website Link
       We can help with:
           -Academic planning and schedules 
           -Career goals
           -Transitioning between grades and schools
           -Peer mediation and small group counseling
           -Individual short-term, solution-focused counseling
           -Referrals to outside mental health counseling and other community resources
           -Test recommendation and interpretation
           -Student and family advocacy and consultation including at IEP and 504 meetings
           -Postsecondary planning including college, financial aid, and scholarship questions

    Deanna Shaw - High School Registrar  deanna.shaw@qvschools.org  Ext. 260
        I can help with:
           -High School graduation details
           -Official Transcript request and records
           -Running Start questions
           -Scholarship questions