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    District 1 

    Term Expires: November 2023


    The Quillayute Valley School District Board of Directors would like to invite individuals to apply for the position of Board of Directors for District No. 01.  For general district boundaries, please call QVSD at 374-6262 ext. 267. 

    To be eligible, a candidate must be: (1) a citizen of Washington State and the United States; (2) a registered voter and reside within the boundaries of the Director District they are filing for, and (3) over the age of 18. 

    School Board Directors oversee a budget in excess of $54 million, with responsibility for policy and governance of our local schools as well as Insight School of Washington.  School board members help our students and our schools reach challenging federal and state standards while maintaining local control. 

    If you are interested, please submit a Letter of Interest to Lindsey Wallerstedt, QVSD District Office, 411 South Spartan Avenue, no later than November 4, 2021.


    District 2

    Term Expires: November 2021

    Kevin Hinchen, Alternate WIAA Representative

    Kevin Hinchen

    Email: kevin.hinchen@qvschools.org

    District 3

    Term Expires: November 2023

    Bill Rohde, Chair

    Bill Rohde

    Email: bill.rohde@qvschools.org

    District 4

    Term Expires: November 2021

    Ron Hurn, Vice Chair

    Ron Hurn

    Email: ron.hurn@qvschools.org

    District 5

    Term Expires: November 2023

    Mike Reaves, WIAA Representative

    Mike Reaves

    Email: mike.reaves@qvschools.org